Purchase Guide

The first step of buying a property begins with the ability to identify the property that suits your needs and budget. We give you a perfect home with the best rates and quality. However, depending on the following criteria you can select the property:

ParameterQuestions to be asked
Location Of SiteWhile choosing the location you should keep these parameters in mind: proximity to main roads, bus stops, railway lines and several public amenities such as schools, temples and more.
AffordabilityIs the location in accordance with your budget?
Place of workHow far from the desired location is your workplace?
Market placeIs the basic market close to you?
SchoolEasy access to good schools is important.
Public transportAre buses / trains from the location easily accessible?
BuilderConsider the reputation of the builder before finalisations.
Availability of water and electricityIs there a sustained supply of both?
Residential/ commercial During working hours, commercial areas face traffic jams and the degree of noise is quite high.
Hospital/ Medical servicesAre these easily accessible?
Society expensesIs the monthly society expenses keeping your budget strained?
SecurityDoes the security measures in place, like an electronic or professional guard?
ParkingParking space is crucial for every vehicle owner.
Type of ownershipCheck whether the project is approved by local authorities or not.
Under construction property at an early stageMany banks may not prefer to fund such projects. But if the builder is well reputed then it should not be a problem.