We at Tirupati Housing, are a group of professionals working. We aim to provide you with a sustainable & brilliant con-structural experience.

For our projects, we consider using the practices that comply with international standards along with on-time completion of the project.

We value our customers, and their confidence in us has made it easier for us to strive in this field. We aspire to provide a pleasant experience for our customers.
We understand the requirements of each & every valuable customer.
This helps us in delivering them with the best results on time.

Every project we undertake is Govt. approved, we have built our foundation on the grounds of honesty & transparency.

One of the major reasons behind the success of this group is its ability to deliver stylish residential projects concerning modernization. They have made a mark in the world of real estate with their professionalism and perseverance.

Tirupati Group’ excellence reflects in their work. You can see purity & perfection in every single project they have undertaken.

Being a synonym of trust & reliance, Tirupati Group are working every day to make sure they live up to the expectations of their customers. They have made their mark in Jaipur with an excellent portrayal of infrastructure. They promise you a better tomorrow on the grounds of further infrastructural excellence.

For us, the satisfaction of our customers comes first. It’s always has been about the relationship we have with our customers.
TIRUPATI Group will continue to serve its customers with the foundation built over trust & honesty. We plan to achieve new horizons by identifying new factors of growth in the infrastructure sectors.


We aim to contribute substantially to the nation’s infrastructural development. By putting in continuous efforts for fulfilling the commitments made to our valuable customers.


We have witnessed a tremendous growth with time, which indeed has evolved our corporate vision.
Our mission is to establish brilliant real-estate concepts in par with fair business practices and work standards.


As we believe in a relationship that builds on trust and commitment with our customers, quality matters to us most.
We tend to consider everything from practices such as steel reinforcement bars to the principles of Vaastu and Aura for the benefit of our customers.

At Tirupati, We define Quality as the following.

  • Locale – locations are chosen strategically to provide customers with beautiful landscapes.
  • Exemplary facilities – spacious lobbies, lush & themed gardens, play area for kids and swimming pools. Along with health & fitness centers.
  • Strength – We use sustainable materials throughout the project. Reinforcement bars for corrosion-free stainless steel: increasing the life of the building and supplying heavy-duty water pipes to make water supply safer.
  • Expertise- A qualified & professional management team to serve you.
  • Convenience – 24 hours power backup with high-speed elevators, equipped with ARD systems.
  • Security & Services- CCTV facilities and intercoms. Along with other basic services like sewage treatment, waterproof Renovo Paint on externals.





We Care

Vaastu & Aura Positivity

We design homes by keeping in mind these age-old practices to promote positivity.
This activity is carried out for amplifying positive vibes and enhancing the well-being of occupants.
Our respected Aura consultants ensure that all Orbit buildings allow the continuous flow of Auric energy.
Auric correction strategies remove negative Aura by replacing it with positive signals, ensuring the physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being of the residents.

Care for the environment

Good approaches to help preserve the environment without undermining the comfort of the consumer.

  • Rain-water harvesting, wastewater management, and vermi-composting.
  • Anti-termite solutions for soil.
  • Terrace gardens for reducing indoor temperatures.
  • Choosing designs that allow ventilation and natural light for ensuring energy consumption in the building.